KITE - LL Teacher Training


The KITE-LL series is a hybrid distance-learning program produced by the State Department of Education and SCETV that combines distance-learning lessons with face-to-face instruction and assessment by certified world language teachers.


KITE-LL that draws from the content standards, primarily social studies, language arts and mathematics, to teach French, German and Spanish to elementary students in grades 3 (Level 1), 4 (Level 2) and 5 (Level 3). These programs are to be used on days 1 – 3 of instruction and must be used in sequence. The core-curricula resource requires training to facilitate correctly. This training is provided by the State Department of Education.


Your school MUST be registered and given permission to access these programs. Only South Carolina elementary schools where teachers have participated in required KITE-LL training and signed up through with the State Department of Education have permission to use these programs. 


For information, contact Wendy Stephens, Education Associate for World Languages, SC Department of Education: or 803-734-0715.